I certainly don’t show you this shot to flat out try and impress you.

You see I am just an average guy with Average Genetics. I know I will never be a professional in the field of body building or a fitness model for some fancy magazine.
And you know what? I am more than happy with that, In fact most people that know me don’t realize I can put on fat really fast if I eat The Wrong Foods.
Luckily, I now know exactly what to eat, I get to enjoy great foods and never feel like I am missing out on anything. And when you love eating as much as me that’s a good thing.
As you can see now I do stay reasonably lean all year round and at age 41 I am in the best shape and level of fitness in my life.

GlenEmbarrassingly here is a photo of myself before I discovered how simple it was to combine the right foods at the right time and massively leverage my fat loss and body shape results.
You know the crazy thing about this photo? well at this time I was actually training longer and harder all while dieting like mad and limiting my calorie intake to un-sustainable levels.
What did all of that do for me? as you can see not much from a fat loss stand point. But it did make me feel constantly fatigued, tired and if you ask my wife she would tell you a little grumpy.

My Name is Glen “The Health and fitness Renegade” I have been training and studding health and fitness for the last 20 years.

MY PASSION IS TO BE ABLE TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE DISCOVER The secrets I have learned from the best in the industry, so it does not take you the same time and Sacrifice, it has me to reach your best and Look great for life.

I have studied and modelled the masters on a quest for the inside secrets to leverage and quantum leap my results.

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And after all of that searching, studying, pain-stacking training resumes, crazy diets and not to mention thousands of dollars on so called miracle fat loss and muscle builder supplements.

What I found was so simple and straight forward, that it would Not Be Your Fault Ether if you to overlooked how simple fat loss could really be!!

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